Euthanasia, Female Genital Mutilation, Children with Disabilities: A Review on Societal Issues and Their Scientific Implications

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Gabriel Odeh Ankeli


This paper reviewed some societal challenges, their causes, possible scientific solutions to them and the controversies arising from each of them. Three societal problems were identified which are; Euthanasia, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Children with Disabilities (CWDs). The different types of Euthanasia were identified as the active and passive ethanasia respectively also the FGM was discussed under three main types, namely; clitoridectomy, excision, infibulation  and others,  while  the  CWDs was also  discussed,  the causes and  challenges they go  through  such  as discrimination and institutional and environmental challenges. In each case their causes, effects and scientific solutions were proffered.

Euthanasia, female genital mutilation, children with disabilities

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Ankeli, G. (2019). Euthanasia, Female Genital Mutilation, Children with Disabilities: A Review on Societal Issues and Their Scientific Implications. Archives of Current Research International, 17(4), 1-7.


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