The Fight against Examination Malpractice: The Way Forward

Abraham Gyamfi *

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Abraham Yeboah

Akenten Appiah Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development, Ghana.

Patience Langee

St. John Bosco College of Education, Ghana.

Isaac Aboagye Adu

Ghana Education Service, Dunkwai-Offin, Ghana.

Kingsley Kwasi Erzoah

Ghana Education Service, Ellembelle, Ghana.

Eric Atta Quianoo Jnr

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Prosper Anthony Mensah

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Kennedy Nyeseh Ofori

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Grace Aba Mensah

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

LydiaBoateng Berko

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Peter Anolf

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

Francis Kyei-Badu

Wesley College of Education, Department of Education, Ghana.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Examination malpractice is an unwholesome practice encapsulating different types of malicious means adopted by unserious students to cheat during examinations in order to score high marks and pass the examinations. The incidence of examination malpractice has become so endemic that the penalty hitherto melted out to its perpetrators is almost having no statistically significant effects on them. There is an astronomical increase in the number of people and institutions involved in this social malaise. The public has not thought of the effects and the repercussions of their endorsement of examination malpractice. This paper therefore addresses the prevalence of examinations malpractice, the forms and agents involved in examination malpractice. The paper also highlights the effects of examination malpractice on the economy.

Keywords: Examination malpractice, prevalence, quality education, threat, agents

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Gyamfi, A., Yeboah, A., Langee, P., Adu, I. A., Erzoah, K. K., Jnr, E. A. Q., Mensah, P. A., Ofori, K. N., Mensah, G. A., Berko, L., Anolf, P., & Kyei-Badu, F. (2022). The Fight against Examination Malpractice: The Way Forward. Archives of Current Research International, 22(6), 42–47.


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