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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 24 [Issue 6]

Case Report

Surgical Management of Perianal Adenoma: A Case Report of Two Dogs

Sandeep Saharan, Anju Poonia, Sachin, Amit Kumar, Maneesh Sharma, Deepak Kumar Tiwari

Systematic Review Article

The Differential Diagnosis and Physiotherapeutic Treatment of Piriformis Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Janaína Moraes Cardim, Diana Martins Santos, Elisangela Carneiro Quaresma, Leandro Franklim Silva Da Silva, Regina Dos Santos Silva, Renata Dos Santos Silva, Paulo Dias Rodrigues Junior, Sandriele Mougo Monteiro, Daniele Salgado, Vitor Hugo Auzier Lima

Original Research Article

Effect of NPK Levels on Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Tuber Yield Attributes in the North Zone of Bihar, India

Mayank Mani Tripathi, Mayank Srivastava, Amrendra Kumar, Utkarsh Singh, Rupali Singh, Arpit Singh

A Study on Self–esteem and Academic Achievement of Undergraduates

Souta Anjali, V. Vijaya Lakshmi, V. Kavitha Kiran

Review Article

Chemical Communication between Male and Female Sex of Bombyx mori

Abhigyan Rajkhowa, Monimala Saikia, Dipankar Brahma, Nilav Ranjan Bora, Rimpi Rani Saikia, Pankaj Lushan Dutta, Indrani Nath

Exploring the Role of Chitosan: A Natural Solution for Plant Disease and Insect Management

Rajkumari Padamini, Pukhram Bhumita, Sanjay Hazarika, Ramesha NM, G R Vishwas Gowda, Kushal Chaturvedi, Chandan Kumar Panigrahi, Rajshree Karanwal

A Review on Adaptive Strategies for Climate Resilience in Agricultural Extension Services in India

Rajesh C M, Abhishek Jadhav, Manohar K N, Prahlad P Bhat, Rahul Prasad R, Anil K, Pavan V